The Parish Council is the most local tier of government authority whose 15 Members are elected by the electors of the parish area and whom represent the residents on various issues.

There have been over 25 Acts of Parliament since the creation of Parish Councils in 1888, which the Parish Council must abide by. These Acts have given the Parish Council many powers relating to issues such as grants, planning, provision of recreation facilities, community centres, crime prevention, public toilets, allotments, footpaths, litter, open spaces and traffic calming.

Please click HERE to view the Parish Council action plan.

The Council maintains two Cemeteries within the Parish beautifully maintained by a team of Sextons. The Council aims to provide the highest possible standards of care, choice and dignity to those who suffer bereavement.

The Council own the Brannel Room, a community hall, which can be hired to provide facilities for leisure, social and educational/training activities.

The Council have installed air quality monitors in Nanpean, St Dennis, St Stephen and Treviscoe. The reports are received each quarter and are available here.

St. Stephen-in-Brannel Parish Council has land available at Creakavose for use by the community.

There are several bus shelters siuated across the Parish. Find out more about their locations.

The Council provides a number of free long and short stay car parks as well as some priovately operated parking and off road parkicng facilities. Find out more about their specific locations.

Public Access Defibrillators are located in public places accessible in an emergency and can be used without any training by following the voice instructions given by the machine.

St Stephen Parish Council also provide a variety of general services.

The Council operates and maintains a number of speed indicator devices, to aid in safe and appropriate road usage.