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The Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Cornwall Council.

Consultation on the submission (Regulation 16) version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is taking place from Monday 20th November 2023 - Sunday 7th January 2024 midnight. Please click HERE to view the Public Notice.

Neighbourhood Planning is a government initiative, introduced by The Localism Act 2011. It gives communities the opportunity to have a say in how they see development taking place in their area.

Written in consultation with the Parish, our Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) will include policies to influence that development. These policies will be created locally, reflecting locally gathered evidence, and will embrace local views, concerns and aspirations. Collectively, they will identify how good development will be delivered within the designated area ie through design as well as any future impact on the environment and the Parish’s infrastructure.

Once our NDP has been made, and approved, it will become an integral part of the planning system and is a ‘material consideration’ for planning applications. Our Plan will also conform and support the Cornwall Local Plan, the overarching planning document for the county.

Visit our dedicated Neighbourhood Development Plan website for more information on the plan as it develops.
You can download & view the questionnaire that was distributed to residents in the Parish.
See the results of the first round consultation that took place between October and December 2021, along with supporting and associated information

Neighbourhood Development Plan News

Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Cornwall Council!

The draft Neighbourhood Plan was written for St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council and its community by a Steering Group made up of parish councillors and volunteers. It received broad community support when the 1st draft was consulted on late last year.

The Plan has now been amended in the light of the comments made to the Parish Council, and sent to Cornwall Council for ratification. When adopted it will strongly influence the way planning applications are decided.

During the autumn Cornwall Council will hold a six-week consultation on the Plan, then arrange for it to be independently examined by an expert, before holding a referendum of all local voters – watch the NDP website for news! 

You can see the submitted plan in the NDP website.



The Spring 2022 community survey work carried out by the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group on behalf of St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council has produced some useful information according to the Group’s Chairman, Councillor Kim Wonnacott.

 ‘Although the response rate was quite small, the voice of local younger people has come through pretty well and will help the Group write up an effective set of local planning policies for the area. The clear message was that the recreation and open space facilities available for younger people is inadequate, with over 81% of those replying saying they were not good enough. We will take that onboard and ensure the Neighbourhood Development Plan responds as well as it can. We will also pass on the information to the Parish Council and local organisations so that they are aware of the concerns too’, she said.

In the survey response, people made reference to broken equipment, bad access, broken glass, poor distribution of facilities, and the evidence of young people ‘hanging around’ in inappropriate places.

Ideas for improvement suggested by community respondents, which could work towards overcoming the issues raised, included more supervised activities such as youth clubs, multi-use games areas, and perhaps training such as car mechanics, cooking and home repair for later life, dance and theatre, the provision of a ‘green gym’, replacement of old equipment with more modern kit, a teenage ‘shelter’, and a far better level of maintenance.

On other themes the survey covered, 85% of community respondents said they supported the use or extension of part of a dwelling for office and/or light industrial uses to improve working from home. They also gave ideas to encourage more people to work locally including the provision of more local purpose built offices, perhaps in a ‘hub’ which provided hireable space and support with office services, plus a local support network to help small and lone worker businesses.

100% of the respondents also supported the enhancement and provision of more bridleways, footpaths and cycle paths, and 86% said Electric Vehicle charging points should be required for all future developments. When asked what charging points they use of would use, 77% said a home charging point, nearly 55% at a retail car park, and just over 45% said provision at a Cornwall Council car park. Suggested locations for additional publicly funded charging points favoured public car parks and community locations such as village halls, GP surgeries, social clubs etc.

On the design of new development, 100% of community respondents thought that new housing development should have gardens that allow room for child play, wellbeing and some self-sufficiency (ie vegetable gardens etc). People also said that the most important things that the NDP design guidance should focus on were, in order of importance, architectural detailing (ie window and door design and materials such as brick and blockwork patterns etc), the number of storeys, height and size of buildings, the use of local traditional styles and colours of building materials, and finally layout, density and relationship with adjoining development.

In the 2021 survey, the concept of each village having a development boundary was well received by community respondents. In this latest survey, people were asked to comment on the precise line of the boundaries, as proposed after an exhaustive examination of each settlement. Overall, there was strong support from those who replied for the suggested boundaries, although the picture was less clear at Foxhole, where 42% said they disagreed and suggested that a new site to the east of the Carpalla area should be included for development. Two developers also replied to the survey, but their responses have been excluded from the percentages in this report and will be considered separately by the NDP Steering Group in due course.

Councillor Wonnacott added ‘The information from this survey will be added to that from all the other survey work we have collected over the last three years and will help us shape the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan, which we expect to publish this Autumn. When it comes out there will be a large scale community consultation programme so that we can hear what people think about the policies in it, after which we will adjust it and then submit it to Cornwall Council for approval. Please keep your eyes and ears open for the community consultation events that are coming up!’

Your Parish, Your Plan, Your Chance To Have A Say

Your Parish, Your Plan, Your Chance To Have A Say

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