Parish Plan

The parish plan for St Stephen in Brannel in Cornwall sets out the views and opinions of the people living in the parish about how they would like to see their local area developing in the future.

As a result of the plan, it is hoped that future planned changes in the parish will be informed by the desire to maintain aspects of the parish which local residents feel are important and contribute to their quality of life. More importantly, however, it gives the parish a voice it has not had in the past.

The plan started with meetings in each village of the parish and there was overwhelming support for the initiative from those who attended. Following on from this, drop-in sessions were held in each village, which provided information to parishioners and sought volunteers to take the project forward. These volunteers along with a small number of Councillors formed the Parish Plan Steering Group. Since then the Steering Group arranged for over 3000 questionnaires to be delivered to households throughout the parish.

A high number of completed questionnaires were received back and analysed. This data forms the backbone of the parish plan meaning the content is be a true reflection of the views of St Stephen in Brannel parishioners. It was formally adopted by Members of the Parish Council in April 2011.

The Parish Plan is a culmination of a great deal of work by the Parish Plan Steering Group, building in the results of the Parish Survey that many residents completed.

The Parish Plan is a living document, which will change and be updated as time goes on. It gives the Parish Council and its partners a realistic idea of what the parishioners would like to see.