Pre-application Advice Policy

(A pdf version of this document with a supporting form is available for download here)


It is the Parish Council’s desire to encourage and provide the opportunity for preapplication planning discussions, which Members believe is beneficial to both applicants and the residents of the Parish.

St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council have signed up to Cornwall Council’s Local Council Planning Protocol which states

The Local Council will aim to:

  • publish details of its pre-application procedures and Cornwall Council Parish Profile on its website together with information for potential applicants
  • assist in facilitating Public Meetings in suitable, pre-agreed local locations
  • share notes of discussions held during the pre-application process with the Local Planning Authority. This could include minutes of meetings or a record of the discussion
  • refer requests for advice on Planning Policy to the Local Planning Authority

Full details can be found here – 


Prospective applicants for planning permission should consider carefully what advice they want to seek at pre-application stage. For example, a subsequent application may not be supported if relevant matters raised have not been addressed in the final application. Member’s ability to respond to requests for pre-application advice will depend, to some extent, on the level of information provided by the applicant. This varies between submitting a site plan with a request for in principle advice as to whether development of a particular kind would be acceptable, to schemes which have been worked up to a reasonable level of detail.

Therefore, the Parish Council’s response could consist of:

(a) an indication of whether the proposal is likely to be acceptable;
(b) comment on any amenity or design issues;
(c) comment on other issues;
(d) requests to be included within Section 106 agreement, if applicable;
(e) reference to the NDP, Local and National Policy

It may be that following the initial meeting, community engagement, and response, the applicant may need to seek additional comments and attend a further meeting.

To assist Members to respond effectively, the attached form must be completed and returned prior to any considerations made by the Parish Council.

Please note that any advice given is without prejudice and not binding on any future decision that the Planning & Licencing Committee may make and cannot pre-empt consideration of a formal application. Also, Members may change their views on the merits of a proposal if there is a change in circumstances after pre-application discussions have taken, such as a change in government policy or information supplied by a third party.

(Please click on the pdf version of this document for the supporting form)

Adopted by Full Council at the meeting held on Wednesday 5th June 2024 under Minute Number FPC127/24. Due for review in 2027.