St Stephen in Brannel Parish COIVD19 Community Hardship Fund


The COVID19 Community Hardship Fund is a discretionary fund available to provide some temporary relief from financial hardship due to the COVID19 pandemic for the residents of St Stephen in Brannel Parish.

The fund was created by donations from Cornwall Councillors Fred Greenslade, Mike McLening and John Wood with match funding from St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council.

The fund seeks to help ease the financial hardship by the gifting of a £15 voucher whilst waiting for other sources of financial assistance - for example Universal Credit. The vouchers are from ASDA, Co-Op, Phoenix Stores or Tesco.

The number of vouchers available is capped therefore applications are limited to one per resident and once all the vouchers have been gifted, the fund will cease to exist.

The fund will be administered by the Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer to St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council and be subject to internal audit by the Finance & General Purposes committee.


Circumstances in which you may be eligible for a voucher include if you are:

  • Waiting for your first Universal Credit payment;
  • Waiting for a payment through the coronavirus job retention scheme;
  • Waiting for a statutory sick payment;
  • Waiting for a payment through the self-employment income support scheme;
  • Named on the shielded list;
  • Self-isolating and have no access to money;
  • Referred by another agency such as St Austell Foodbank; or
  • A victim of domestic abuse.
  • You cannot get a voucher if you, or someone you live with:
  • Are still working (employed or self-employed);
  • Are not a resident of St Stephen in Brannel Parish; or
  • Intend to spend the voucher on non-essential goods.

These lists are not exhaustive and the Clerk’s decision to gift a voucher is final.


To apply for a voucher, please contact the Clerk on 01726 823003 or 

Your application will involve a short conversation to ensure you are eligible and getting all the support that you need.

All conversations and details disclosed will remain confidential under the General Data Protection Regulations.

If, and when it has been agreed to gift a voucher, the Clerk will arrange for the relevant voucher to be delivered to your home address.


If any vouchers are not gifted by the end of the COVD19 pandemic, they will be donated to St Stephen Foodbank.