TOR – Human Resources Committee

Terms of Reference 2024/25 Human Resources Committee (HR)

(A pdf copy of this policy is available for download here.)

St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council has appointed a number of Committees to undertake work for and on behalf of the Council. The Committees will abide by the criteria detailed in the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

This Terms of Reference document sets out the specific responsibilities of the Human Resources Committee and confirms the following:

Remit:                         Staff recruitment, grievance, appraisal, sickness, annual leave, training, employment policies, health & safety and welfare matters and to work within the delegated allocated budget.

Composition:             Seven (7) Elected members (Voting)

Two (2) Substitute members (Voting)

Note: All Councillors not elected to the Human Resources Committee may attend public sessions and participate in the meeting but have no voting rights.

Quorum:                    Four (4) members

Chairmanship:          Chairman and Vice-Chairman to be elected by the members at the first committee meeting held in each Council year.

Meetings:                   4 times a year (Quarterly).  In the event of an item of urgency, an extra ordinary meeting can be called in line with legislation and Council’s adopted standing orders.

Timing:                       7.00pm

Venue:                       The Brannel Room, 22 Fore Street, St Stephen, PL26 7NN

Reports to:                 Full Council.

Administration:         Parish Council Office

Term of Appointment:            1 year with a 4-year commitment

Legal Reference:   Data Protection Act 2018
Parental Bereavement Leave & Pay Act 2018
General Data Protection Regulations 2018
Immigration Act 2016
Adopted Code of Conduct 2012
Adopted Standing Orders
Adopted Financial Regulations
Working Time Directive 2015
National Minimum Wage Regulations 2015
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 2014
Localism Act 2011
Additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010
Equalities Act 2010
Pensions Act 2008
Income Tax Act 2007
Work & Families Act 2006
Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) Regulations 2006
Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004
Local Government Act 2003
Paternity & Adoption Leave Regulations 2002
Employment Act 2002
Maternity & Parental Leave etc Regulations 1999
Human Rights Act 1998
Working Time Regulations 1998
National Minimum Wage Act 1998
Employment Rights Act 1996
Nolan Principles of Life 1995
Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
Local Government Act 1972
Public Bodies (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960
Relevant case law

Note: This list is not exhaustive

Terms of Reference including delegated matters:

  • To appoint, from its membership, a recruitment panel when necessary to work with the Clerk and recommend appointments to Council.
  • Deal with any staff disciplinary matter in accordance with the Council’s Disciplinary Procedure.
  • Deal with any staff grievance in accordance with the Council’s Grievance Procedure.
  • To appoint, from its membership, an employment appeals panel when necessary.
  • To assist the Clerk in overseeing any process leading to dismissal of staff (including redundancy).
  • To bi-annually review staffing structures and levels to make recommendations to Council.
  • To bi-annually review and agree contracts of employment, job descriptions and person specifications for all staff.
  • To annually review all staff salaries and make recommendations to Council.
  • To annually review all staffing policies and procedures.
  • To consider and implement any changes which are required to comply with Employment Law, Health & Safety Law and Terms & Conditions of Service as laid by the National Joint Council (NJC) and recommended by National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC).
  • Approve requests within the training budget for personal development and health & safety requirements.
  • Review staff pension arrangements bi-annually.
  • Manage long term sickness and incidents at work in line with the Council’s Absence Management Policy.
  • Ensure that all staff, including the Clerk, have an annual appraisal.
  • Ensure that the Clerk has everything required for managing staff.
  • Be aware of sources of expert advice on employment matters and to ensure that the Council uses such sources when there is any doubt about good employment practice.
  • Undertake training support their role as the Council’s HR Committee
  • To consider and submit to the Finance & Policy Committee annual estimates of income & expenditure on the continuing services and capital expenditure for the forthcoming year.
  • To implement the necessary requirements identified by the Health & Safety competent person.
  • To consider the recommendations of sub-committees or working (Advisory) groups under the control of the Human Resources Committee.
  • To consider such matters as may by delegated by Full Council from time to time.
  • To review from time-to-time policy objectives within the committees Terms of Reference for consideration by Full Council.
  • To review strategic plan objectives, on a yearly basis, providing an update to Full Parish Council.

Note: Any resolution made outside these Terms of Reference may be considered ultra vires and open to challenge in a Court of Law.