TOR – Allotment Sub-Committee

(A pdf version of this policy is available for download here)

Terms of Reference 2022/23

Allotment Sub-Committee

Composition: Three (3) Elected members (Voting), One (1) Substitute members (Voting), Co-opted members from St Stephen in Brannel Allotment Association (Voting)

Quorum: Three (3) members

Chairmanship: Chairman & Vice-Chairman to be elected by Members at the first committee meeting held in each Council year.

Meetings: 4 times a year (Quarterly) In the event of an item of urgency an Extra Ordinary meeting can be convened in accordance with legislation and standing orders

Timing: Monday at 2pm

Venue: The Brannel Room, 22 Fore Street, St Stephen

Reports to: Finance & General Purposes committee

Administration: Parish Council Office

Legal Status: General Data Protection Regulations; Adopted Code of Conduct 2012; Adopted Standing Orders; Adopted Financial Regulations; Localism Act 2011; Local Government Act 2003; Local Government Act 1972; Public Bodies (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960; Allotments Act 1922 as amended by Allotments Act 1950; Small holdings and Allotments Act 1908 as amended by the Allotments Act 1922.

Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Sub-Committee

  1. To consider such matters as may be delegated by the Finance & General Purposes committee from time to time.
  2. All members of Full Council not on the sub-committee may attend and participate in the meeting but have no voting rights.
  3. To undertake quarterly risk assessment inspections with Council’s appointed competent health and safety person.
  4. To liaise with the allotment holders.
  5. To investigate and adjudicate any complaint or dispute in relation to the allotments and or plot holders, putting forward a recommendation for resolution to the Finance & General Purposes committee. (Members of the St Stephen in Brannel Allotment Association involved in any complaint or dispute are not permitted to take part in any discussion or vote).
  6. Review annually the terms of the Allotment Agreement and recommend any changes to the Finance & General Purposes committee for consideration by the Council.
  7. Review annually the allotment fees and charges and recommend any changes to the recommend any changes to the Finance & General Purposes committee for consideration by the Council
  8. To consider requests for consents from plot holders:
    a) To keep livestock on allotment land.
    b) To erect sheds, greenhouses, or poly tunnels.
    c) Other such requests from plot holders or interested parties in relation to allotments, which fall outside the scope of the Committee’s Terms of Reference in order to determine if a recommendation should be made to the Finance & General Purposes committee.
  9. To carry out site visits with prospective tenants.
  10. To support the Clerk where tenancy agreements, policies or rules are not being observed and follow procedure for non-compliance.
  11. To develop, oversee and promote projects that relate to the upgrading and improvement of the allotments.

Matters not delegated to the Sub-Committee

  1. The consideration of new & reviews of consultation policy documents of other bodies and any other consultation document.
  2. Any matter falling within the remit of the committee which involves the introduction of a new policy or changes to existing policy, future direction & strategy.

[Adopted at the Full Council meeting held on Wednesday 4th May 2022 under minute FPC89/22. Due for review in March 2023.]