Grant – Community Benefit Fund Information

(A pdf version of this policy is available for download here)

About the Fund.
The Community Benefit Fund is the developer’s way of saying thank you to the local community for their continuing support of the renewable energy projects within the parish.

The Community Benefit Fund can be used for small scale projects that benefit those living in the Parish of St Stephen in Brannel or, at the discretion of the committee, in a neighbouring parish.

To ensure the fund has the interest of local residents at its core St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council has delegated the administration of the fund to the Finance & Policy committee. It will be up to the committee to approve applications and award grants.

It is recommended that you read these guidelines thoroughly before completing an application.  They have been designed to be used by applicants and those who want to know more about the fund.  We hope they will help you decide whether your project is eligible for funding as well as guiding you through the application process.

Who can Apply?
Application submissions are open to grass roots community voluntary groups, individuals, charities, social enterprises and formally established groups as well as those who are associated with a partnership, network or a specific project within the Parish of St Stephen in Brannel and the immediate surrounding areas.

All payments from the fund are at the discretion of the Finance & Policy committee.

What Kinds of projects are eligible?
The committee are keen for projects to build upon the community’s existing social, economic or environmental sustainability by the making of grants or loans for the promotion and installation of energy efficiency measures, small scale renewable energy projects, education and capacity building projects or other projects involving renewable energy climate change, nature conservation and enhancing the public realm through planting so they may create and/or deliver outcomes for the benefit of the Scheme Beneficiaries.

However, the eligibility of projects will be left to the discretion of the Finance & Policy committee.

What cannot be funded?
The committee wish to encourage as many people as possible to apply for funding, but there are some projects that are not eligible for a grant/loan.  Listed below are a few examples.

  • Projects of a political or exclusively religious nature
  • Projects where the grant is to be used for personal financial gain.
  • Projects that aim to improve/increase the value of the applicant’s own private property.

How many times can we apply?
To ensure a fair allocation of the fund, each organisation is entitled to apply once a year, the eligibility of which will be decided by the Finance & Policy Committee.

Where appropriate a plaque should be erected stating that the project has been either part funded or wholly funded by the St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council Community Benefit Fund.

Applications will be considered in June, August, November and during the first quarter of 2024 and must be received by the first day of the aforementioned months. Applications received outside these periods will not be considered.

A few things to note
The Committee reserves the right to allocate the entire yearly fund in June if they feel there is a project particularly beneficial to the community.
The Committee reserves the right to make payments in instalments so that progress of the project can be monitored.
Once approval is given, a contract will need to be signed.
A bank account in the name of the organisation must be active at the time a grant is awarded.
The Committee reserves the right to roll over the fund if they feel a suitable project has not been identified in this time.

Filling out the application form
The application form is in a basic format; however, you may be called upon for further information if necessary. Please be as accurate as possible throughout, providing researched facts, figures, receipts, audited accounts and a business plan where applicable.

Section 1       This is where you enter the basic details of your project

Section 2       This is your chance to sell your project.  What is the basis of it?  What will it bring to the community?  How will you monitor the progress and success of the project?

Please include as much detail as possible and feel free to attach additional pages if necessary.  Also include computer generated images, plans or photographs if you feel it is appropriate.

Section 3       This section is to explain how the project will be managed and its progress monitored.

Section 4       This section asks how much the project will cost.  What other funding exists or is being sought?

Section 5       This section asks you to describe the future sustainability of the project.

Section 6       This is a check list of Documents to send with the application form.

Section 7       Declaration. Please ensure you get the signature of an independent referee to validate your need for the grant.  This should be someone who is not directly involved but has knowledge of the project and who would be willing to speak as to the financial resources of the organisation to carry out the project. (E.g. accountant, project manager)

Where shall I send the completed application form?

If completing the online form, this will automatically be sent to the parish council.

If completing a hard copy, you can return it by post to the address below:

St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council
Office 2, The Brannel Room
22 Fore Street
St Stephen
St Austell
PL26 7NN

Alternatively, you can email it to