Allowances and Expenses Policy

(A pdf version of this policy is available for download here)

It is the aim of St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council that no Member or employee will be financially disadvantaged when representing the Council.

The Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 apply to those parishes that pay members’ allowances. St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council makes no provision for allowances but does make provision for reimbursement of expenses as detailed below.

The Full Council Chairman has a small allowance which is set in the Annual Budget and the monies are held by the Parish Council.

It is the choice of individual members as to whether they claim expenses.

St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council will only make reimbursement for expenses incurred when performing approved duties on behalf of, and authorised by, Council or the relevant Parish Council committee.

If a Member occurs expenses while performing duties as a representative of an outside body, the claim should be directed to that organisation.

Members will not receive expenses for attendance at any meeting of St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council or for any work within the Parish.

All employees are entitled to claim for out of pocket expenses such as travel costs in the course of carrying out their responsibilities and duties. Employee claims will be reimbursed as per the term of their s statement of written particulars (“the contract”).

Claim Procedure

  • Any claims should be submitted to the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) using the relevant form within 3 months of the event. Receipts should be attached as appropriate. Any claims received after this date will only be paid at the discretion of Full Council.
  • The RFO will scrutinise all claims. Any queries will be directed to the Chairman of the Finance & General Purposes committee. All payments will be authorised in line with Council’s Financial Regulations.


  • St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council will pay travel expenses to Members and employees who travel on authorised duties using the Parish Council office (PL26 7NN) as the start/end point.

Approved travel expenses will be at the rates approved by HMRC.

  • Related travel expenses such as parking will be reimbursed on production of a receipt.

When undertaking Council business Members and employees are required to adhere to traffic regulations. Any parking penalties or other liabilities that arise from the way the vehicle is used, particularly breaches of the Road Traffic Acts, the Traffic Management Act and Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations are the Members or employee’s responsibility and must not be claimed as an expense to be reimbursed.  This includes excess charges incurred (e.g. compound charges) by not buying such items as congestion charge tickets, car parking tickets, etc.

  • Where possible, attempts must be made to minimise expenses by sharing transportation.
  • All will use the most economic form of travel in terms of cost and time, taking into account the different modes of travel, traffic and fares available.


  • Expenditure will be reimbursed for subsistence on approved duties outside the Parish (Absence from usual place of residence for more than 4 hours) on production of receipts and up to the maximum figures set out below:
  • Breakfast £15.00
  • Lunch £25.00
  • Evening meal £40.00
  • Overnight stay at B&B £100.00
  • Overnight stay at major city hotel (excl London) £150.00
  • Overnight stay at London Hotel £200.00

Miscellaneous Expenses

There may be some other incidental expenses incurred that are not covered by these rules such as phone calls. These should be discussed with the RFO in the first instance.

Adopted by Full Council on the meeting held on Wednesday 10th August 2022 under minute number FPC182/22. Due for review in August 2025.