Whitemoor Public Meeting – Tuesday 17th October 2023

September 18th 2023

To All Residents of St Stephen in Brannel Parish,

Notice is hereby given that a public meeting to discuss highway matters in Whitemoor will be held at Whitemoor Academy, Crown Road, Whitemoor, St Austell, PL26 7XH on Tuesday 17th October 2023 at 7pm.

This is not a meeting of the Parish Council but an opportunity for the residents of Whitemoor and the surrounding villages to receive reports and updates, ask questions and make recommendations.

Note: This is a pilot meeting and if successful, similar meetings will be held in the other villages within St Stephen in Brannel Parish.



  1. Paul Barnes. ( Nanpean)

    As I have said time and time again…the only effective answer to speeding traffic in any of our clay villages ( as they all have the same problems) is the installation and enforcement by Average Speed Cameras throughout….plus any intention of applying 20mph speed limits will not work…if the 30mph limits cannot be Policed/enforced…then any 20mph limits won’t be Policed or enforced either…

    • Jackie Hunter

      I know you have heard it all before but speeding through the village is becoming extremely dangerous, we have already lost one of our beloved cats who was killed on north road, we are also experiencing motor bikes constantly riding up and down north road , going too fast and then reving the bikes. We need a permanent deterrent for cars lorries and bikes before there is a tragic death/accident, our community in our village needs protecting

  2. DougieSmith

    I live at the top of north road where it narrows. Properties here step straight on to the road. Signage and reducing the speed limit is a waste of time and money as no one takes any notice of them.
    Average speed cameras are the way to go sat here now writing this and I can hear cars bikes and even lorry’s speeding past.

  3. Councillor Mike McLening

    I agree with the earlier comments about 20mph not working but it may be correct for really busy built up areas.

    With regard to average speed cameras once drivers see them they will slow down for that section of the road and having monitored the drivers then speed up again. This division is covered with road speed signs but just ignored by a minority. There was a meeting earlier in the year open to everyone and some of the Cormac directors attended we are constantly told there is no money available for the requests. Tried to start neighbourhood speed watch but getting a coordinator is difficult and I understand that its extra time on residents. This job of introducing equipment should be at the instigation of the Council and Police. There have been random police radar checks but chances of getting caught a second time nigh impossible. I agree that communities working together but we need a financial investment. But I ask for the minority of drivers to observe the signs and if it says 50mph you dont need to go at that speed. It is an ongoing problem in Cornwall not neglected by Councillors but those with the purse strings


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