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May 29th 2020

The Parish Council has received the following update –

Dabryn Way, St. Stephen-in-Brannel – (refer to Plan No. EDG1601-SAR06)

After discussions with the local member Cllr McLening and support from the Parish Council it has been decided that Dabryn Way will go ahead as advertised as instances of inconsiderate parking and access problems are reported to occur here. In addition, the proposed double yellow lines at the junction with Creakavose will be extended north-eastwards to join up with existing restrictions to ensure that visibility is not compromised by any vehicles parked near the junction.

Nanpean School – (refer to Plan No. EDG1601-SAR07)

There was an overwhelming response of support for the advisory part-time 20mph speed limit in the vicinity of Nanpean School. Concerns were raised about the positioning of the signs being too close to the school and following discussions with the local member Cllr Greenslade, the Parish Council, the Highway Manager and the Community Link Officer, it has been agreed that the eastern sign will be moved 75m eastwards to a position beyond the layby. The western sign is in the most suitable location and will not be moved.

There was a request for more speed restrictions and traffic calming along St Georges Road leading to Riverside and Fore Street.  As this did not form part of the remit for this scheme we are unable to address this request at this time.

It is hoped that works can be programmed into the schedule for construction to start on site in the Summer of 2020. Please note that any new parking restrictions will not come into effect until all the necessary works have been carried-out on site.

Further information on construction timescales, when they become available, can be found on the Roadworks section of Cornwall Council’s website at


  1. M Murray

    So where will the people who park considerately now park their vehicles – there are a number of cars that park in Dabryn that have driveways that they rarely use?
    I recently made enquiries with Councillor McLenning about this question but never received a reply.

  2. M Murray

    Will the parish council be providing alternative parking for those who park in Dabryn Way who haven’t got their own driveways?

    • Office

      Mr Murray

      The Parish Council provides long term off street parking in the car park to the front of St Stephen Community Centre. Any on street parking queries should be directed to Cornwall Council on 0300 1234 222.



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