Pharmaceutical Services – St Stephen

February 24th 2020

The Parish Council has received details of an application for the inclusion of pharmaceutical services within a 0.2 radius of the Co-op Food Store, Fore Street, St Stephen, St Austell, PL26 7NN.

Full details of the application can be found by clicking HERE

Members will be considering this application at the Full Council meeting being held on Wednesday 4th March 2020 in the Brannel Room, St Stephen starting at 7pm – if you would like your view heard, please attend. Alternatively you may wish to contact Cornwall Cllr Mike McLening ( or respond to NHS England direct, using the details in the application.


  1. Penelope Douglass

    We already have the pharmacy at the surgery. This not needed and will deprive local people of their jobs. Please turn it down

    • Michelle Rowley-Brown

      The Surgery have a dispensary not a Pharmacy.It is different.

      • Tina Bilkey

        My understanding is that for a private pharmacy to open in such close proximity to our dispensary, will result in its closures affecting the service it provides and jobs. When the private pharmacy closes down, as it will because there will not be a high enough footfall, the village and surrounding area will then be left with no access to prescriptions! This proposal was turned down only a few years ago and should be refused again now!

      • Penelope Douglass

        Of course it’s different but we don’t need a pharmacy in the village – there is one in St Dennis and two mini supermarkets in St Stephen. It would just make life more difficult for the sick and the elderly and cause parking problems in the centre of the village

      • Katie smith

        We cannot lose this surgary or pharmacy.To many elderly depend on it and alot of families,myself included I cannot drive.If we was to lose this and my kids took poorly I’d have a major issue getting to a sugary outside the village.

  2. Ann Truscott

    The proposed new pharmacy would be SO wrong on many levels:
    Professional : would diminish the excellent service we have at Brannel Surgery. Reduce their staff and income.
    A new surgery in Fore Street would be a mainly commercial shopping outlet. We have 2 excellent ones.
    Parking is already a problem in the centre of St Stephen – where would a new business provide parking?
    A commercial pharmacy would attract drug addict trade.- and the accompanying problems.
    I say NO to this proposal/application

  3. Sammie Dalrymple-Irwin

    I say NO to proposed Pharmacy. We have a perfectly adequate pharmacy at the surgery, as well as two shops.
    In my experience pharmacies sell other things IE, sweets,suntan lotion, sanitary products , baby products. These are all sold by the shops we already have in the village,

    Imagine if the Co-Op had to close because of the unhealthy competition this would bring. We would then lose the post office. We’ve said no before. What’s changed?

  4. Helen Horner

    We already have a dispensary at the surgery, which is more than adequate for the village’s needs. This (or a similar) application has already been refused in recent years, so why are they trying again? What has changed?
    In my experience, a pharmacy also sells other groceries and products that are already sold by the two shops we have (that are open all day, every day); another outlet would not benefit any of the shops (or the residents), I believe this would create unhealthy competition for all businesses.
    I am intrigued to find out where (within 0.2mile of Co-Op) this pharmacy was planning to be situated. Another issue would be the traffic and parking in the area that serves the take-away, Co-Op and launderette – others have already commented on this aspect – but it is a huge problem for the village, not easily resolved in it’s current state.

  5. Mrs tl restall

    no no no…we don’t want no 3 o’clock queues for methadone in st Stephens thank you…we already have a perfectly acceptable dispensary at Brannel surgery.

  6. J Cossey

    Brannel Surgery provide an excellent service, we do not need a separate pharmacy in the village which would also compete with the existing local shops. This application should be refused.

  7. mr r webb

    brannel surgery has a wonderful pharmacy why would we want another i get all my medication delivered

  8. Elizabeth Morcom

    I really do hope they get the go ahead . I met the lady today what has put in for the pharmacy and she is lovely .


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