Parking at the Former Sunday School also known as the Church Rooms, Nanpean

September 03rd 2018

Unfortunately the repairs to the roof of the Former Sunday School also known as the Church Rooms have run over schedule.

For health and safety purposes, the car park will remain closed weeks commencing 3rd September 2018 and 10th September 2018.

Alternative parking can be found in the car park opposite the Grenville Arms Public House.



  1. Paul Barnes

    Dont know why so many lorries are still coming through the villages..I’m sure half the lorries come off the A30 come through the villages and then get back on the A30 for no othee reason than because its an outdated preffered HGV Route…from when the Gossmoor dual carriageway was built and to avoid the iron bridge….and the fact that the A30 HGV signs at Roche and Victoria have never been removed…plus the HGV’s operate on HGV Sat Navs that need updating…surely the Parish Councils should be looking into all of this in conjunction with Highways…

    • Office

      Mr Barnes,

      As you say this is something that is happening in many villages, therefore it is currently being discussed by the China Clay Community Network Panel. I will pass your comment onto Cllr Fred Greenslade as the County Councillor for Nanpean.

      Linda Ranger

      • Paul Barnes

        Heard on the radio today….A new law was passed yesterday on Parking in no parking/Waiting Areas outside Schools…as in on zig zag lines double yellow lines etc….instant fine £70….done to encourage car sharing….walking to school or riding bikes to school to try and cut down on congestion around schools!!

        Best look out now…..How they Going to Police it effectively though???

      • Paul Barnes. Nanpean Clay Country

        I think the reason why alot of HGV’s lorries are coming through our villages is because alot of the old detour sign for HGV’s are still in place and have ñever been removed…These were put in place before to the newer Gossmor dual carriageway was built.abd the detour used for high height lorries to avoid the old iron bridge on what was the old A30 on Gossmor…or when a HGV lorry had actually hit the iron bridge thus causing the road to be blocked and closed…that threat is not really there as the lorry and other large vehicles can go down or up the New A30 dual carriageway which avoids the old iron bridge totally….So apart from local companies…no need to follow the detour signs…and the signs should be removed where no longer required..

  2. Paul Barnes

    Who officialy owns this property now…including car parking areas?…When part of it becomes a shop…how much parking will allocated to the shops patrons?…I’m told that the premises is not a designated parking area for the school…so how much longer will parents be able to use the car parking areas when dropping off their children to school??…And what if new owners decide to stop all.or any public parking on the premises, Where do you suggest they park then? The small car park opposite The Grenville Pub in Nanpean really is not a suitable alternative…
    Thank you
    Paul Barnes Nanpean.


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