Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre Roof Repair Update

May 08th 2018

The Parish Council has received the following email. Any queries should be directed to Suez.

“Dear All,

As you will know, a section of roof cladding at the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre was damaged during the very strong winds in late December 2017. Our construction contractor is concluding their investigation into the design and installation of the affected cladding and preparing to repair the damaged section.  We anticipate that these repairs will begin in early May 2018; a crane will be on site at the beginning of the works to enable materials to be lifted onto the roof.

The inner liner to the roof was undamaged and the building has therefore remained enclosed whilst the investigation has been underway and service has continued.

The key outcomes of the review are that the underlying design for the roof cladding is correct and that no fundamental installation defect was found. Some minor installation inconsistencies were identified, which has been attributed as the cause of the damage and these will be resolved during the roof repair works.

The cladding supplier’s standard details have been improved since the original installation.  The construction contractor is planning on upgrading the top section of the roof verge (the part of the roof that overhangs the buildings walls and runs around the edge of the building) to incorporate this improvement. These works will be conducted after the roof repairs have been completed.

It is anticipated that all roof works will be completed in late summer due to the complex working arrangements required to ensure that the operation of the site is able to continue unaffected. During this time long reach mobile working platforms will be used to inspect and conduct the repairs/upgrade.

If you have any queries about the works, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Natalie Chard

Community Liaison Manager

Mobile: +44 (0)7970233466”


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