Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre – Operational Update

March 09th 2018

The Parish Council have received the following email. Any queries should be directed to Suez.

As you may recall, the Cornwall energy recovery centre has been going through its first planned shutdown to allow routine inspections and maintenance to take place. We have successfully completed the works to line one and we are now bringing this back into service. This involves gradually heating the line until it reaches the required temperature and pressure to process waste. 

During this controlled heating process, low pressure steam will be released from the facility until the steam reaches the correct pressure to pass through the air cooled condenser fans.  As such, at intervals throughout today and tomorrow you may see steam coming from the facility accompanied by low level noise as the steam is released. 

The works to line two are nearing completion and we are due to bring this line back into service towards the end of next week.  We will update you again ahead of this.

If you have any queries, please call 01726 828 230 or email



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